Thursday, April 03, 2008


Is she not the most delicious kitteh evah?

A busy, busy, busy girl.

(high resolution pic- click on it for all the Maddilicious plushy details)


Anonymous said...


Who gets teh snorgles....?

Maddie -- teh ankle biter...?

Or Riplee...teh powercord killer..???

Decisions, decisions......


Silver Ross said...

U can bite my ankles any time U want, glamorous Mlle. Or any other part of my anatomy that U wish!

Because U are indeed the most delicious kitteh ever. I long to see U again, and feel your loving paw bat me upside the head!

Exquisite Kitteh Lady, Madeleine of the fragrant ruff!

Silver, enchanted lover

Plum Pudding said...

...and she's NOT GUILTY!!!

BlakNo1 said...


zoe said...

What a punim! Way way way too delicious!

War On War Off said...

They'll be so happy to have their centaur home this caturday!