Monday, March 31, 2008

Plushies, at last

The supernatural ruff of doom!!

Maddie displays the proper was to be nonchalant (with paws crossed, natch).

Both pics are high resolution. Click on them for all teh plushy details.

Sorry guys, I actually took these Thursday night and intended to post kitteh pictures over the weekend. Alas, I just did not find the time or energy to actually take the pictures off my camera.

Bad centaur!!

The good news is that I am home, and the gurlz got extensive scritching and huggling. They are now napping peacefully, apparently not terribly bothered that I was gone all weekend.

I'll post some tomorrow about EschaCon- though I must say that I was beseiged by folks who sought me out to declare their undying love for Ripley and Maddie. Just proves that the Atriot community is full of peeps of most excellent good taste.

Oh, and Athenae, I gave both Ripley and Maddie a special belly snorgling just for U. They were very pleased.


Anonymous said...
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Plum Pudding said...

damn spam is first! delete it, Centaur!

anyway, my monitor is not big enough to show Ripley's fluff in hi def!

welcome back, centaur

Anonymous said...

I hope u gave them mah special scritches too. I shall whine endlessly if u diin't....

Glad u made it home safe.


Silkey Cat Ross said...

Four Legs Good, sir or ma'am,
We are sorry abt the dead mouse under ur frig.
we tried our hardest to get it out, but our front legs weren't long enough.

On the good hand, darling Ripley and Maddie immensely enjoyed the live mousies we brought.

They did miss U terribly. When Silver an Me an Simon an Ollie popped out of the wormhole, the gurlz were crying kitteh tears and howling with lonliness!

Lucky we knew how to cheer them up!

Silkey, grateful house guest

Caminante said...

Plushies are back, o happy dance, o happy dance.

Snorgling in those plushie tummees has got to be the best!

And it looks as though your windows are open, oh my, whereas we've just had a three-hour snow shower that has covered up things.

Caminante said...

Looking at the photos in high res.... did the gurlz make the holz in the winder scream behind Riplee's fab ruffff?

Simon Henry said...

Dear Plushy Parent/Parentee, err, Centaur,

Silkey Cat Ross is a liar, liar,and no doubt his tail's on fire. Ollie and I did NOT go thru the wormhole with those Ross boys this weekend to visit the Plushy Girls. Chuff!! We are Gentlecats and it would not be right to visit the young ladies without their Centaur present. If those Ross boys popped out of the wormhole at your house without your permission, you just let me know and I'll send my 23 lb. little brother Ollie to sit on them while I twist their whiskers 'til they apologize.

Should the Plushettes have "at home" hours when fine Gentlecats may enjoy their company, please let us know and we will catch the next wormhole to your house.

Simon Henry

four legs good said...

Fucking spammers.

zoe said...

The gurlz love their Centaur. We have taken care of the gurlz while their Centaur was away. The ROSS BOYS DID NOT MAKE IT TO THE WORMHOLE! wE SAVED the girls from the Ross Boys, the Centaue is home, and all is well.The Centaue is still drop-dead-gorgeous, gender unknown.

zoe said...

ruff ruff!