Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I would really like to go to outer space and I have to say that I'm rather pissed that I cannot. Seriously, WTF? when I was a kid it seemed like space travel was just a few years away.


Photo is of Saturn and Titan from the Cassini spacecraft. Photo courtesy of NASA and the JPL.


Bones said...

Sigh...I'm with you on that, Fourlegs. Hovercars, food replicators, yeah, that's cool I suppose, but space travel! That is where it's at. But we're stuck at the wrong end of the gravity well.

I'm holding out hope, though. Someday.

Silkey Cat Ross said...

Now that our particle accelerator is giving us one stable wormhole, there's hope for greater discoveries in space travel. Right?

Are space suits made to accommodate kitteh tails?

Silkey, in the doghouse