Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Austin warmup for the Res Ipsa Tour

Teh skyline from the pedestrian bridge over Lady Bird Lake.

Wuz looking for eyecandy for res and watertiger, but pickings were slim.


One of the numerous condo buildings going up downtown. Who is supposed to buy these things, I not noes.

Some dude on a bike.

The hillcountry, looking west from the pedestrian bridge.


res ipsa loquitur said...

Hey, nice pix!

(Is it humid there -- or is a dry heat?)

charley said...

they, should just keep austin and nuke the rest of the state.

i like the bridges.

four legs good said...

Today it's dry.

Sometimes it's hot and humid.

It shouldn't be THIS hot when you guys are here. At least I hope not.

four legs good said...

Thanks Charley. The lake is quite beautiful. There are jogging paths all around, all beautiful and leafy.

emma said...

Wuz in Austin last Sept. (ACL Fest 2007) and stood just north of the Congress St. Bridge to see teh bats at sunset. Never saw them, but got bitten all around my ankles from the usual "bugs near a river". Hope the bats are more hospitable for R.I.L. We love Austin nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

I notice you didn't take any pictures of outside temp signs.

Buckeye, Dealer of Rare Coins

Anonymous said...

I hope you all have a fantastic time. Wish I could hang with you grrrls.

Fourlegs, come to Venice, CA and visit sometime! I have plushies too, and a beach! :)

*mwah* to you and watertiger and res and flory!

Jenny ftB

Anonymous said...

I can haz Austin play dait?


War On War Off said...

Got up to 101 yesterday, a record high. And yep, sure enough the lovely humidity moved in this morning from Gulf. Gonna be a bit "cooler" (in the mid-90s), but man, it's gonna hurt more!

four legs good said...

Fourlegs, come to Venice, CA and visit sometime! I have plushies too, and a beach! :)

Jenny, well okay!!

I would love to.

four legs good said...

Oh, and I don't know if we even HAVE any outdoor temp signs.

Can't think of one offhand.

Anonymous said...

Well, okay then... I'll leave the light on. :)