Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You know the way


Today it seems like every news story about the campaign is full of advice for Obama and his "supporters" on how we need to tread lightly and treat Hillary and her supporters with kid gloves. We need them in the tent, you see, and they ain't coming in without an engraved invitation delivered by a cringing Obama supporter who is crying out, "I'm so sorry!! I am a sexist!! Hillary WAS the better candidate" while flagellating themselves with a cat o'nine.

See this, for example: All's Well that Ends Well
A Clinton adviser, who asked not to be identified in order to speak more freely about the view from inside, reinforced Murphy's concern. "I think [Obama] finally got close to the tone he should have had for a couple weeks now and it's important that he get his supporters on board with that as well."

The adviser went on to explain that anything that Obama and his team do that in any way diminishes the campaign Clinton has run could make it more difficult for him to rally her supporters, "most of whom he needs to win if anyone is ever going to call him Mr. President."

I can't tell you how annoying I find this garbage. For months I've been told I'm a cultist and a misogynist. Further, I needed to immediately pledge to enthusiastically support Hillary (in the event of her nomination) no matter what strategy she employed to obtain it. And that support better include working for and contributing to her campaign. How is it that now, when she has lost, Obama and his camp is required to do all the work to soothe your ruffled feathers? Where's Hillary's responsibility in all this?

I have a message for you guys. And for Hillary.

You know where the fucking tent is. Quit whining and come inside. Or are you really going to fuck the country over on the altar of your own personal pique and victimhood?

Your choice.


zoe said...

Hear! Hear! Thank you, FLG!
All one had to do was compare Hillary's speaking of Ted Kennedy's illness to Obama's. Funny, hers was mostly ALL ABOUT HER. Obama asked the crowd to send him good wishes. How is it a person can make a tragedy (Bhuto's death, Kennedy) all about her. I am SICK of feeling she has to be pandered to. SICK OF IT.
okay, I feel better now.

Anonymous said...

Uhm.....With all due respect to the Plushy Grrls Centaur, isn't "Quit whining and come inside. Or are you really going to fuck the country over on the altar of your own personal pique and victimhood?" sorta kinda maybe like what I suggested earlier, that no matter who the Dem nominee may be, we need to support him or her to defeat the McCainites? I still worry about the Supreme Court becoming a rubber stamp of the executive branch and its right wing bullshit if the thugs get to stack the court in the next 4 years.

Anonymous said...

Didn't mean to be anonymous, just can't type worth a damn right now. That was my comment above.

Can I still dream of brushing Maddie and bringing her peacock feathers to play with, even if we disagree?

Oh Susanna the cat brusher said...


sekmet said...

That is an oddly disturbing picture of a circus tent.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic. For the life of me I don't understand where all this victimization is coming from. Hey, I burned my bra in the 60's... I was sexually harassed before harassment was cool. And yet, I've managed to thrive as a free and strong woman in this society. Funny that.

This whole victimization stuff is blatant manipulation in my opinion and the height of intellectual dishonesty. Recalls the worst of rethug tactics like Chimpy calling Kerry our on his war service. Like I said. PATHETIC.

You keep saying it like it is, fourlegs. I don't have the stomach for it.


four legs good said...

susannah, that's my point- yes, we need to defeat McCain, but all this "you must hold my hand and pet me and beg me to help" is making me really, really, really angry.

I'm worried about the supreme court as well, but I feel like this is a mess of Clinton's own doing and she has a responsibility to clean up after her campaign.

She won't though- she'll just blame us, just like she's done through out the entire primary season. It's always someone else's fault.

four legs good said...

Zoe, excellent point.

That was what initially turned me toward Obama during the campaign here. When she talks all I hear is "I, I, I, I, me, me, me, me." It's all about her.

Obama speaks and it's all about us.

Whole different ballgame.

four legs good said...

Hey, I burned my bra in the 60's... I was sexually harassed before harassment was cool. And yet, I've managed to thrive as a free and strong woman in this society. Funny that.

I wasn't old enough for a bra in the 60's, but I survived Wall Street in the 80's. I was fired from my first job because I wouldn't date my (much older and ugly) boss. And I've managed to thrive as well.

That said, I do understand that some women have suffered very real discrimination in their careers. But I also think that Clinton doesn't help matters by playing the victim. The lesson to young girls is when you lose, whine about it and work the refs.

I think it's damaging. But then I'm a bitch that way.

What's always worked for me is standing up for myself and being better than the guys around me.

Anonymous said...

Discrimination exists and probably always will. But to use it as a talking point (even subtly) in her campaign is as low as it gets. She could've done a lot better.

Like you said, it's a terrible example for young women today and just feeds into long-held (and real) resentments held by the older ones. Incredibly divisive and manipulative.

She knows better. Just like she knew better than to support Bush on the war vote. Disengenous to the max. I hate the way she operates.


Anonymous said...

And one more thing, while I'm blabbing. This country is in a shitload of trouble and HRC is too busy exploiting grievances of her supporters and feeding her ego to respect the fact that we need a strong Dem as POTUS the sooner the better and she needs to get the fuck out of the way.

She's history's loser now. She's made her bed ALL BY HERSELF, an option all strong women have these days. We're all equal opportunity fuck-ups if we choose to be.


four legs good said...

Jenny, word.

The best thing she could have done for women was run a smart, disciplined, above-board campaign. That would have shown that a female presidential contender is nothing to be fucked with.

But she didn't.

She lost. That's why. The end.

zoe said...

Jftb: yes! exploitative! so now she is exploiting the sexism issue, before that it was the poor white issue, before that racism blahblahblah...and I am NOT going to be afraid of a Supreme Court nominee...remember Bork? We are going to have a majority in congress. If this behavior had been coming from a Republican, everyone would be screaming. Because she is a Clinton, she gets a free ride on her entitlement, condescension, fabrication, grandiosity and manipulation, i.e. pathological narcissism.
She is not entitled to anything. No vice presidency, no supreme court seat, no nothing. She has not "earned" it.

sekmet said...

Yes, I am getting tired of her. There comes a time when you need to leave the battlefield with dignity not this constant whinging.

four legs good said...

She's become a WATB.

so sad

War On War Off said...

Had pretty much the same conversation this morning with a co-worker who happens to be from Pakistan, who is vastly more informed about American politics than almost anyone else at teh borg. Told him I'm a much more radical feminist than she, and I'm TIRED of this victimization scthick. We had very interesting discussions about Bhutto, btw.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it weird we even have to play the *whose more victimized, me or you* game? I thought from the very beginning voting for her simply because she's a woman is a sort of bizarre reverse sexism anyway. I don't care what gender or color our prez is. We just need a good one. Good grief, aren't we past that?

I'm sick of the posturing, the pretense to fight the old battles. We're working it out as a society day by day. Sexism and racism and all the other isms. It'll still be carried on by the morons till the end of time, but we don't have to go there with them.

And yes, "The best thing she could have done for women was run a smart, disciplined, above-board campaign.". Right on. You teach by example, not by whining.

But, sigh. HRC is no dummy. She knows this. Which is why she's so annoying and shouldn't be taken seriously. She's just saying and doing what she thinks she needs to win. Sorry, hon. You bring nothing new to the table and your due date has long gone. You're boring!

I also think there's more to her supporters' rallying cry of "sexism" but I'm not sure what exactly. I'm not buying it, really. I think it may be deeper than any one woman's personal experience, or how could any professional (or otherwise functioning woman) support Obama? Shouldn't we all be too angry, crushed and bitter about our treatment?

It's somehow the *identification* with a victim mentality perhaps. It's how certain people are wired psychologically. I dunno. The whole thing is crazy.

And Zoe, yes. Hillary for VP? Hell no!


Anonymous said...

Or are you really going to fuck the country over on the altar of your own personal pique and victimhood?

Aren't you the centaur that just a few weeks ago was saying you'd never, ever vote for Hillary if Obama lost the nomination?

Howcome it's principle with you and pique with Hillary's supporters?


zoe said...

I share flg's stance. This is why: I have been a long time HRC supporter, defender, and initially, thought to vote for her. When I began to see (through the lens of a psychoanalyst) what I felt was pathological narcissism, I felt afraid. Perhaps this is baggage from my childhood, so be it. I have witnessed the destructiveness of narcissists, and do not trust her with the reins of power. I feel Obama can win, without her supporters.

four legs good said...

Howcome it's principle with you and pique with Hillary's supporters?

I'm not in a swing state and I never asked any HIllary supporters to hold my hand.

She SAID up front that she wouldn't compete in Texas, so if she had become the nominee, the point would be moot. If I were in a swing state, yes, I'd hold my nose and vote for her. If Obama puts her on the ticket, I'll hold my nose and vote for her.

Anyway my problem is the bitching and moaning and whining. My gripes have been with Hillary, not her supporters (no matter how annoying I find them). Their problem is with me. "If obama supporters aren't NICE to us we aren't going to support him."

And that's retarded.

zoe said...


Joy said...

The way she is acting now makes me truly wonder what her presidency would have been like. I don't like the person she has become (or was she like this all the while?) What distresses me most though is that I was a staunch Clinton supporter and defender in the 90's. I'd hate to think that all that time the Republicans were right about them and I was blind.