Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Busy day

I still givs U kittehs tho.

Some wun send me a cold front plze. Kai, thx, bai


Silkey Ross said...

Ripley Sweetfoots, may i call U my darling again?

That Zoe human (and my bro Silver) said I was wrong to get jealous abt U flirting with the DFHs who visited ur Centaur. Cause they were DirtyFuckingHumanHippies, who are OK. Not Dirty Feline Hippies, like I thought.

DFHH are the salt of the earth, my kittenslave says. Feline Hippies (aka Cool Cats) are not worthy of touching ur dainty paw.

Please forgive me for doubting U, adorable Ripley.

Silkey, ardent lover

four legs good said...

silkey, she wuz never mad. She just thought U were being silly.

She just wanted to get the extra scritching while the scritching wuz good.

Anonymous said...

Dallas temps dropped into the 70s today when the storm front came thru.
U get any relief?


Stef J. said...

It's 59 and cloudy in Seattle today. The headline of the paper last week read, "Colder than Siberia." Good thing my kitteh has a fuzzy fur coat!

sekmet said...

My cat does the pleading thing with the paw when she wants scritches.

four legs good said...

Flory, no.

Currently 93. I guess that's an improvement. Back to 98 tomorrow.

Ramona Quimby said...

Sorry, 4Legs, iz a refreshing 69 degrees south of Boston. But a week ago it was 95 degrees, if that makes you feel better!

four legs good said...

ramona, no.

The only thing that would make me feel better is if it were 69 degrees here.

Really, I'd be so happy if the temperature never got above 80 degrees.

zoe said...

Silkey, you are so very silly. How could you not want to gaze at these beautiful girls every day, and want all us humanoids to delight in them too? Glad you finally came out from under the bed.

FLG: 103 yesterday
112 predicted for saturday
the Valley sucks.