Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunday plushies

Wut? noes, I wuz not clawing on teh drapes. Muches.

Oh, birdies! I getz U sumdai




Plum Pudding said...

nos petites sont très coquines aujourd'hui!

Anonymous said...

How could u possibly believe that sweet little face would be clawing on teh drapes?
I think it must be damage left behind from teh DFHs and u just dint notice it til nao.


four legs good said...

I catch her in the act ALL THE TIME.

She is not so innocent.

BlakNo1 said...

Hallo, sweetiez!!!!

War On War Off said...

Full moons tend to create bad kitteh behavior. The mini-blinds here are under attack.

Anonymous said...

I love how Maddie is fascinated by birdies. Does she talk to them? My big ole bag-o-rocks cat sits in the window and makes this "meh-meh-meh-meh" sound and clatters his teeth - we call it "talking to birdies."


four legs good said...

Maddie doesn't chatter, she meows at them and occasionally launches herself at the window.

Ripley does chatter at them - a lot.

Poopyman said...

Lily's the trash talker of our brood. She goes nuts about those trespassers up on the birdfeeders by the kitchen windows.

But Lily's an indoor cat only. Max, who's indoor/outdoor, is much more laid back - and a very efficient killer. Four moles on the doorstep this weekend! You go, girl. (And stick to teh moles.)

I wondered whether Lily's Siamese roots accounted for the muttering. Guess not.

zoe said...

Maddie is just so.....fetching. And Ripley has that devil in a white nose look. Love my daily kittens.

Caminante said...

I needs some plushiness to mush my face into... mrrph.