Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kitteh teevee

Nom nom nom nom nom nom.

Photos taken through my window under supervision of teh plushygurlz.


The Kenosha Kid said...

Did you put those birdfeeders out there to torment your cats?

four legs good said...

No, I put them out there to entertain mah kittehs.

Seriously, kitteh behavioralists say that it's good for their minds. Keeps them from being bored.

Anonymous said...

I dunno.
Seems like tuanting teh gurlzz to me.....


four legs good said...

Nope. When I adopted Ripley the shelter asks on their questionnaire if the adopter does certain things to keep their indoor kittehs mentally healthy.

One of the things listed is to hang bird feeders.

Birdies are happy and kittehs are too.

Poopyman said...

Heh! Exactly what we did to keep our 3 shelter kittehs entertained. I did think it had become torment, though, when I first saw the reaction. Lily went nuts, slamming her tail against the wall and muttering seriously obscene things at the birdies.

She still does it, but they all seem to prefer a with-birdies view to the without-birdies view.

Caminante said...

Lucky plushygurlz with their free teevee and lotsa burdz.

Young Guy positively thwacks the window with his tail if there are burdz outside and close... and he also chitters at them.

four legs good said...

Both of mine chitter.

They seem to enjoy watching them.

mismn said...

Wow, I love that first picture where you caught the bird in mid-hover. Cool.

I would guess that the opportunity to observe the birds allows the gurlz to hone their attack strategies for the elusive Feather-on-a-Stick.