Monday, June 30, 2008

Dark Skies Preserve

This gorgeous photo is from Jim Richardson for National Geographic.
Natural Bridges National Monument in southeast Utah is the first International Dark Sky Preserve. Skies here are exceptionally dark. The Milky Way stands out as a broad avenue in the sky.


TheOtherWA said...

Stunning photograph! I need to plan a trip to Utah if you can see stars like that. Wow.

Polly said...

What a disorienting photo that is. I had to stare hard to find a reference point.

Beautiful starry night.

Anonymous said...

I suddenly have the urge to go camping in southeastern Utah.

Backyard Astronomer

four legs good said...

Hey, me too!

How cool is it that there's a dark sky preserve? I did not noes there wuz one.

Iz very good!!

Poopyman said...

Yeah, someday I'll make it out there. Dunno about paying for the drive from MD, though. :^(

Us East Coasters have to make do with what we've got, one place being Cherry Springs SP in Pennsylvania. I'm pretty sure there's not much comparison with Natural Bridges, but it's about the best we can do.

That and getting above 3000 feet in the Appalachians. Oh well...