Friday, July 04, 2008

Doggies like parades 2 you noes

Just saying.


Anonymous said...

Now that's festive!


Anonymous said...

Teh doggies haz cheezy headgear. Teh gurlzz duz much better.


Donna Marie said...


grandefille said...

Hurray, patriotic puppehs! Always doing their part to look cute and silly, thus allowing teh Plusheh Gurlz to be amused. What a country!

Love from HarryCat (who spent his Fourth with another patriotic puppeh) and his mom

zoe said...

cute doggies. i luv doggies.

War On War Off said...

The difference between dogs and kittehs: with kittehs one must photoshop stuffs on they haids; with dogs, one can *actually* put stuffs on they haids!