Thursday, July 03, 2008

Iz time....

Doan U think iz time to taek sum nu kitteh pics?

I tellz ceiling cat!!

Wut? I iz napping here.

What U mean I lookz liek big meatloaf? IZ JUST FUR I TELLZ U!!!

(Update: if U look closely, U can see that some of Ripley's ruff is stuck in her little mouf)


Ramona Quimby said...

Very cool pic of Ripley in the half-pipe. And lovely Maddie, as always, has her adorable "Wut?" face.

Thank you for the beautiful photos of teh plushy gurlz, 4Legs.

Anonymous said...

No Riplee -- ur plushy fur duzn't make ur butt look fat.

Dun let teh centaur tell u otherwise.


Silkey Ross said...

Happy America's BirthDay to the Centaur household!

Ur beautiful butt is perfect, Sweetfoots. Listen to ur Auntie Flory if U think I'm biased. She knows.

The camera angle here makes ur luscious butt look extra kissable. I will demonstrate first chance I get, adorable Plushy-Gurl!

Any chance ur Centaur will go away this weekend?

Silkey, yearning to see U

Caminante said...

How did the girlz do with the fireworks?

Culture of Tr√úth said...

Those are great pictures