Tuesday, September 09, 2008



Silver and Silkey Ross said...

Some of U humans do have good sense!! After all!

We were giving up hope, seeing this barracuda person on the TV, being made much of by the other stupids.

Can kittehs sign up for Michael Palin's campaign? He likes Cats, doesn't he?

We don't want Our Country taken over by a horrid human who hates Cats, and polar bears, bear bears, truth-telling, wolves, honesty and liberals!

And our human says La Barracuda has no use for Jews or anyone else not eligible for The Rapture.
The Rapture being an event in which some false Christians get stark naked and are whisked away.

That leaves the earth to us animals, plus selected good humans. Remember this before U yell at us, next time. We get to choose the Select!

Up with Michael Palin!
Silver and Silkey, patriotic kittehs

Anonymous said...

I love that puckish Python!
I think he was also Bicylcle Repairman...surely he can fix our Country with his spanner.


War On War Off said...

He's also trained in argument, and would do well in the debates!

Anonymous said...

There will be Dudley pictures soon...

Ramona Quimby said...

McCain? Nah, he ain't dead. He's just restin'! Or else pinin' for the fjords!