Friday, September 12, 2008

McCain is LIAR

If you don't do anything else today, send this video to at least 10 of your friends and to 10 media outlets.


be sure to put the "dishonorable" in there - it's true and will drive McSame bonkers.

kai thx bai


Oh Susannah said...

Send this link along with it:

The women on The View interviewed McCain. Maybe this is why Sarah the Pain has suddenly come to believe that humans DO cause global warming--McCain is sure on the hot seat here! ROFL!

Ramona Quimby said...

oh susannah, I saw the clips, too.
I don't watch The View, so I didn't know those women would do such a great job of nailing him on the lies! (But I do love Whoopi.)

Anonymous said...

U and teh gurlzz iz okay? No storm damage?


Silkey Ross said...

Ripley Sweetfoots, did U have to use ur life jacket? Do U still have lectricity? It is one of the humans better inventions.

Silver an ME an our human all hope the Centaur household isn't getten flooded out. Good thing the Centaur moved U upstairs, isn't it?

Silver sends his devotion to Mlle. Madeleine.

Silkey, heart-felt fan

Barry said...

It looks like the good guys may be fighting back.

Best to the gurlz.