Thursday, September 11, 2008

Brain Trust

AP/Chris Carlson

Clinton says he'll do what ever he's asked for the campaign.

I have an idea, let's make Clinton our chief surrogates on the talk shows and the news.

No one can put down the right wing or reduce them to quivering gobs of rage quicker than the Clenis.

Anyway, notice that our top guys are both brilliant? their top guys, not so much.


Polly said...

Wonder what Bagnews Notes will say abt the body language here. Both fellas with hands stuffed in their pockets … not reaching out to each other?

Or male comfortable stance showing both men relaxed?

I'd love to see the wingers "reduced to quivering gobs of rage."
Oh Please, Ceiling Cat, let this come to pass!

Polly said...

Barry in Alaska has a post up from late last night, just a single big pic of Hidey, no text.
Looks like an In Memoriumpost.

four legs good said...

Thanks Polly, I haven't heard from him today, so I don't know what the deal is.

Plum Pudding said...

Wasn't Hillary supposed to do the MSM round this week to counter-balance Palin?

where is Hillary?'s so sad. I dont know what to say

Anonymous said...

Their top guys can't be brilliant. Their voters distrust 'knowledge' and 'education' and 'facts'. They prefer their leaders to make decisions based on 'natural gut' instincts.

Which means your future could depend on whether McStain remembered to take his Metamucil last night.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Barack someday may approach the perfection of Mr. Bill's hair. If he's very, very, very good.


zoe said...

Hope you and the girlie girls area-okay - praying for the folks in your state.

four legs good said...

we're fine - far from the storm and likely only to get rain.

four legs good said...

GWPDA, no one will ever touch the awesomeness that iz Bill's hair.


Polly said...

Austin is what, 150 miles from Houston?

So if Houston gets slammed, the winds should lessen over 150 miles of land?

Really glad you moved upstairs. The gurlz and you will be snug and dry even if it pours rain.

Polly said...

Haloscan is a mystery.

You posted a reply to my question before I sent it!

zoe said...

be safe

just watchin' MSMBC in california

love and best wishes to everyone in your state