Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Kittehs 4U

We're just hanging out, being excessively cute.


sekmet said...

That last picture. Is that the new heated cat toys massage for kittehs?

sekmet said...

Whoops! I meant next to last picture.

Silkey Ross said...

Ripley darling, are U allowed to go to Mlle. Madeleine's whisker stylist? Or are U too young for that kind of gussying up?

Not that ur sweet whiskers don't look pristine and nuzzleable every time we see U. U were born pretty, no artificial help needed to make U look beautiful.

Our human says gurlz enjoy having someone "do" their fur, hair or whiskers. I wouldn't. Females, of every species, are mysterious.

The thought of nuzzling ur perfect whiskers makes my heart beat faster, Sweetfoots. When can I come visit U again?

Silkey, yearning fan

zoe said...

Silkey tongued devil is at it again! One foot on the banana peel, other on the sidewalk, ready to slip in to the abyss of overly seductive behavior! Silkey! The girls are ladies!!!!! LADIES!!! Just look at them! Decorum, please!

You are truly gorgeous beings, kitteh ladies! Have a wonderful weekend with your Centaur....

four legs good said...

silkey, BE GOOD!!!

Sekmet, that picture = STUFF ON MAH PLUSHY GURL

Anonymous said...



Terry C, An American Again! said...


They's purty!

Anonymous said...

Glamorous Plushies!


Silkey Ross said...

Centaur, with all due respect … I AM GOOD.

Before I met the adorable Ms. Ripley Sweetfoots, a number of lovely kitteh ladies told me that I was a truly Good Guy!

Now of course I'm a faithful lover, dedicated to my Great Love. Even now, human ladies who come to visit tell me that I'm quite a charmer, and prove it by scritchy-scratching my ears.

(Standing on a Human's lap while purring loudly and leaning against her breast always works. To show my goodness.)

Silkey, convincing kitteh

steve simels said...

May I just say....awww?