Sunday, January 25, 2009

Almost plushy

These pictures are so happy, they almost qualify as plush. Isn't it nice to have a first couple that we can be proud of?


Polly said...

Absolutely. These pix elicit the same Aww! reflex as our plushy Gurlz.
Therefor the Obamas qualify as Plushy, Human variety.

She was cold, he put his jacket around her to keep her warm … Awwww!!

grandefille said...

I'm nearly swooning at that first picture. The second just makes me grin like a possum, the big goof.

Thank you, 4LG, for posting those.

Change we can believe in, indeed.

Anonymous said...

love how in the first pic everyone is looking discretely away to give them a little privacy. jdw

Anonymous said...

Likely the most dangerous man to be President.. Ever.