Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ZOMG - a heavenly visitation!

via Sully


Silkey and Silver Ross said...

Halp!! Ceiling Cat protect Us!!!
And our various kittenslaves, both human and Centaur.

There really iz a Flying Spaghetti Monster, even the Germans know abt it!

Ripley and Maddie, be prepared to hide under the bed if U hear funny noises on yur roof. Keep ur wormhole entrance locked when we're not there to protect U.

Love ya, Sweetfoots!

Silkey and Silver, scared kittehs

Polly said...

I do appreciate the FiveThirtyEight sidebar you have here. It reminds me to see what Nate and Sean have to say.

Good political info, plus Nate is adorably geekish (as seen on MSNBC.)

Wonder how much of Germany the FSM has taken over?