Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Picture of the Day

This is my favorite picture from yesterday. The joy, the optimism, the obvious love between them - it's wonderful.

photo credit: Doug Mills, the New York Times.


Silkey Ross said...

ObamaPets Win!

Due to our new Human President, our kittenslave got so flustered last nite that we could trick her into feeding us dinner a half hour early! And she gave us real Tuna!

Our future looks bright with this Pres. Obama!

Silkey, happy Cat

Polly said...

That obvious love between the Obamas is heartwarming.

Somehow that makes me feel sorry for Laura Bush, her being married for so long to a jerk who referred to her as "the lump in the bed." Among his many other failings as a human being.
Maybe I'm getting old, misplacing my sympathy.

sekmet said...

One time Bush and Laura were coming off a helicopter and he didn't even help her on the steps. But he showed the same thing with his father on Tuesday. He was walking too fast for his fathter who was walking with a cane. He really is a narcissistic little git.