Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday plushy blogging

Happy plushy day!


Plum Pudding said...

Ripley and the sun bubbles again!

charmantes fillettes

HoneyBearKelly said...


four legs good said...



Silkey Ross said...

Ripley! Ripley Sweetfoots!!

Great Excitement here!

We've got goldfinches!!! Goldfinches and Juncos!!!

BBL, gotta go hunting. Silver an Me can almost get the balcony door open to get out there.

We attribute this delight to our President.

Silkey, ObamaPet

Anonymous said...

Why so solemn, Maddie?

--The Other Sarah

zoe said... beautious!

grandefille said...

Pretteh pretteh plushiez! They make us smile.

Gurlz, if you ever head east, you're welcome to come and lounge in our sunny office windows; the new bird feeders are drawing chickadees, cardinals, titmice (very tufty! plusheh NOMinees, hee) AND at least one goldfinch already.

HarryCat is showing a strong interest in coming to work with Mommy all of a sudden. Nom.