Monday, February 16, 2009

Cheesechase... STiL.... kitteh toy evah.

Get UR kitteh one too. Cheese Chase!!

(I take no responsibility if UR kitteh suddenly begins designing rocket engines)


zoe said...

Quantum physics? No problem. I iz on it.

sekmet said...

She really is concentrating. "One more turn and the Unified Field Theory is mine! Mine! mwahahahahah!"

Silkey Ross said...

CheeseCAKE, Centaur, CheeseCAKE!

Ripley Sweetfoots' combination of beauty and brains makes her the perfect female plushy Gurl!

Her intense concentration on her experiment makes Me long to have lab class with her.
Oh! my heart beats only for U, Darling Gurl!

Silkey, brainy fan

TheOtherWA said...

Fiziks is nevah boring. Nevah.

pseudonymous in nc said...

Our pair were disdainful of their particle accelerator, so it has been passed on to others. I doubt the fizziks capacity of the new owners, they being flat-faced cats of distinct inbreeding, but you never know.