Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday kittehs 4U

Teh plushy girls R quite disapproving of the asshattery found on cable TV this week.

Click on teh photos, kai thx


Gummo said...

Sooooo plushy!


Jeffraham Prestonian said...

Hey! You have an iLamp!

zoe said...

Is Maddy contemplating doing some blogging?
They are too plushy and too beautiful.....thnx for the friday eye candy. Should hold the Ross boys over the weekend...

four legs good said...

Jeffraham, is an old one. Hasn't been plugged in for 2 years.

Silkey and Silver Ross said...

ZOE, Ma'am

Ah, to have the Plushy Ladies hold us over the weekend!

U, Ma'am, truly understand our furry masculine hearts. From the bottom of which we thank U!

Silkey and Silver, longing fans

zoe said...

Ross Boys: Leave it to you to pounce on my mangling of the English language and turn it in to a always, naughty boys.

Silkey and Silver Ross said...

Gee, we were trying to be polite, saying Ma'am and thanking U … Zoe, Ma'am.

We aren't criticizing ur English [a paltry language, compared to Feline.]

We would like to pounce on ur lap, if we could. Bet U'd scritchy-scratch our ears, if we leaned against U and purred nicely!

Silkey and Silver, friendly fans

zoe said...

Zoe would like to publicly apologize to the Ross boyz for any unintended slur, or intimation that they are trying to get in the pants on the Centaur's girls. Zoe is rather IIMAGINATIVE, and sometimes carries it too far...However, Ross boys: no hanky panky.