Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cold cuts

U givs me sliced turkee nao plze. Wile I iz sTiL askz U nicely.

(we haz created a monster)


Oh Susannah said...

Just don't introduce her to ham. Kittehs will kill hoomins for ham.

four legs good said...

we've already gone through a ham phase - now she demands either turkey or chicken cold cuts - the super thin stuff.

Plum Pudding said...

but how can you say know to that face?

my Henriette has no interest whatsoever in human food. she's been eating the same thing the last 6 years and if i try giving her something different, she wont eat it. weird cat.

Anonymous said...

Have you been to the cheez phase yet?
I have one who can open the fridge and one who will nom right through the package.
They recently figured out how to work together.

The Other Sarah

Silkey and Silver Ross said...

Iz No Monster here! Ripley of the melting eyes and pleading paws iz perfectly normal kitteh.

What iz this "phase" that The other Sarah speaks of? Cheese nibbles r good, turkey, roast beef, ham chicken … All Nibblies are desirable. All the time.

Whatever the kittenslave has, the Kitteh has a right to taste it! That's in the Constitution.

Silver and Silkey, tasting fans

Culture of Tr√úth said...


Poopyman said...

How can you say no to that face? That's the face that sez "I haz claws. Wanna find out hoe they werkz?"

Kinda like this face here.

sekmet said...

I accidently dropped one of those baby corn that come in a can on the floor once and the cat scarfed it up in record time and begged for more. That has got to be one of the weirder things I've seen cats eat. Though one cat ate green peppers off a pizza but they had come in contact with ham.

zoe said...

now I understand her middle name.....but oh, those eyes!

zoe said...

now I understand her middle name.....but oh, those eyes!

Anonymous said...

Zoe, U duz not know Ms. Ripley's secret Kitteh middle name.

Iz good to have a scary name to impress the kittenslaves, help keep them in line.

We keep our real names secret!

[Will this new Presnit give us turkee?]

Poopyman said...

"Chainsaw" is apropos enough!