Sunday, January 29, 2006

About that civility...

I saw a promo today about Bob Schieffer's interview with the preznit. Apparently one of the things he's going to do during the SOTU is decry the loss of civility in Washington, and make a plea that the political discourse become more gentile, less partisan .

Well, poppycock.

It occurs to me that we see all the president's minions trotting out and dolorously decrying this horrific lack of decorum whenever Bush is in the most trouble. "Why, it uncalled for!" they cry. "It's partisan, uncouth... uncivil!" What nonsense.

It matters not whether I say politely, "Excuse me, Mr. President, but it appears that your buttocks are exposed and that I can perceive your, ahem, genitals... could it be that you are unclothed?" or if I holler, "Hey! Chimpy McFlightsuit, you dumbfuck! I can see your puckered asshole, your shriveled up balls and your microdick!" The emperor is still naked.

King George can kiss my ass. When he quits fucking up the country, I'll learn to be civil again.

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