Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Manimal II - Hey Now!!

Self portrait.

You know... I was so busy at work today that it didn't even occur to me that no one should be more insulted by the "manimal" crack than yours truly, four legs good.

We hear a lot about women's rights and the glass ceiling, but no one ever mentions the barn ceiling. It is truly the last acceptable form of descrimination. What does Bush think? that my existence is going to cause good christian babies to grow an extra set of legs and lose an eye?

What utter nonsense.

We'll marinate, grill and snack on them first. Everyone knows that they're much more tender before the second set of legs comes in anyhoo.

1 comment:

cardamom said...

hmmm . . . now that cyclopean manimal ought to take place of the Democratic donkey.

Hit 'em with the club!