Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Gift

I cannot go to bed without linking to this lovely post by Hecate, The Gift.
It's amazing, isn't it, how a kind act can help us to remember that we live in an enchanted world, in spite of the George Bushes and the Haliburtons, and the cold germs? Once, when I was doing chemotherapy, had just been abandoned by my lover of twenty-some years, and was about as sorry for myself as it was possible to feel, I was sitting in a restaurant trying to make myself eat something. I called for the check and the waitress said, "A man saw you sitting in the window, came in and paid for your meal. He left this." It was a tiny, dirty scrap of paper, torn off of an envelope and it said: "Believe." I still have that scrap of paper and it keeps me going sometimes when I feel like giving up.

A little ray of hope and magic for these dark times. Thank you.


Vicki said...

That is a beautiful post.

Hecate is a gentle, wise, gracious goddess.

geor3ge said...

She's a gem, truly.