Friday, January 26, 2007

Comet Maxx over South Australia

Steve Gordon

The Comet Maxx over Wallagoot Lake, NSW Far South Coast, Australia. He sure is putting on a show, no?

Many thanks to Barry in Alaska for pointing out the congruence of Maxx's passing and the comet's arrival. It's been a great comfort to me.

I have to admit that I'm having a lot of trouble adjusting to Maxx's loss. I thank all of you for your kind wishes and messages. You've made a very painful time for me a little more bearable.


zoe said...

love to you flg - when our loved ones enter our heart, and then pass, the pain can sometimes be unbearable...thoughts and prayers your way

KidRanger said...

Still loving the plushiness of Maxx in his new sky form.

Hugs to you, 4lg!

whaleshaman said...

good grieving is a real luxury.

when you can, lock out the world and let yourself sob until you can't sob anymore.

when the sadness returns, rinse & repeat.

i read there are some real brain chemistry changes that will leave you feeling better -- not in the unreal way antidepressants leave you.

but it's an ongoing, probably lifelong plan.

i know.

good luck and a shoulder if you need.

GWPDA said...

Yes, dearie, it's as it should be. It's just Our Maxx burning his way into your heart, for keeps.

Did you expect anything else from a guy who'd fly away on a comet?

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Lion Kitty Maxx will always remain in our hearts and thoughts. Now he's making his grand exit on his comet, free from pain and whole again. Your pictures immortalize him so beautifully.

ThePoliticalCat said...

4LG, a love like yours comes once in a lifetime. Of course you miss him. He was a loving, silly, noble, funny, generous, gorgeous cuddlemonster of a friend. The pain does go away, and eventually, you feel the love and a little longing, maybe, but no sadness. Meanwhile, let us know whatever we can do to help. And many thanks for sharing the Plushy Prince with his adoring fan club.

Anonymous said...

Our kitties (and dogs) are who we often turn to for comfort in times of stress and trial. When the tribulation is their demise that source of comfort gone and the pain of their absence is enhanced threefold.
I hope you find a new companion when you feel the time is right.


Poopyman said...

Time. Time.

I'll second everything everyone above has said. Just going to add that it takes time to heal, so give yourself permission to feel Maxx's loss.

strawhat said...

And when my beloved Orion passed on, he had been sick for a long time. I loved him and I did my very best for him for as long as I could, just as you did with Maxx -- and it was stressful and exhausting and worrisome for what felt like so long -- just as it was with you and Maxx. And when he finally passed, I was (1) devastated with grief and (2) relieved for him and (3) relieved for me and (3) ashamed of being relieved for me and (4) angry at myself for being ashamed of being relieved for me . . . and so on and so forth.

The mix of hard feelings is natural. Doesn't make it any easier. The only things that make it easier are time and love, and knowing that you did your best for a small someone whom you loved and who loved you in return.

Forgive yourself for anything you feel you need to be forgiven for. You know Maxx does. No one could have been better to him or for him.

And grieve as deeply as you need to, as long as you need to.