Sunday, January 21, 2007

Space, bitch!!

From our friends at, a spectacular image of Saturn.

Saturn gets a new look in this new image taken by the Cassini spacecraft studying the ringed planet.

The vivid orange and yellow hues of Saturn’s atmosphere, and the blue tinge of its rings at far right, highlight this composite of several images taken by Cassini’s wide-angle camera. To build this view, researchers used special camera filters that are sensitive only to certain types of infrared light.

Although NASA released this image today, Cassini’s camera actually recorded it on Dec. 13, 2006 from a distance of about 511,000 miles (822,000 kilometers) from Saturn.

I never get tired of the marvels of our solar system.


flory said...

With an atmosphere like that, wonder what kind of global warming problem that place has?

Gorgeous photo, tho.....

fartsinsleep said...

Scenes like this makes me wish my eyes were bigger and that I could see in all the bandwiths of light and radiation!

Anonymous said...

Saturn doesn't look like that in the backyard 'scope! Actually Saturn observing season is coming up. It's in Leo right now near Regulus.
Backyard Astronomer

Poopyman said...

Hopefully not too EPUed, but looky the comet pic source I found via Spaceweather!