Friday, January 26, 2007

The Deciderer Strikes Back

AP/Charles Dharapak

Chimpy says he's still the "decider" on troop levels and all things clusterfucked:
President Bush today rebuffed congressional opponents who want to stop his plan to increase U.S. troop strength in Iraq, declaring that "I'm the decision-maker" on the war effort and challenging skeptics to produce their own plan for success.

Well, fuck-a-doodle-doo. Fine Mr. Bush, go ahead and remind the world that you own this war.

I'm all for letting him hang the stinking carcass around his party's neck, though I have to say that the arrogance still astonishes me. He's been wrong about everything. Everything. And yet he still thinks he knows better than the rest of us. Unbelievable.

Bush: 'I'm the Decision-Maker' on Iraq

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whaleshaman said...

wow! you're a guy who knows how to cure a chicken killin' dawg.

i'm with you.