Friday, January 19, 2007

Death Squads

Over at the swamp, Joe Klein lets us know that he's objectively pro-death squad:
A reader writes

Hey, Joe. How about addressing indications that the Bush Administration has employed the "Salvador" strategy to train death squads to take out militia leaders?

I certainly hope so. If ever there was an appropriate circumstance for covert action--in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere--it is the effort to find and eliminate terrorists. They really are the enemy, you know. (my emphasis added)

Oy. Where to start. Does Klein realize that he's advocating death by execution without trial?

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's still illegal under U.S. law. Now I'm delighted that he thinks said 'death squads' ought to refrain from raping and killing nuns, but that's hardly taking a morally courageous stand.

I guess I should take heart- if I ever decide to become an amoral, murdering, assassination happy mercenary, Joe Klein will have my back.



Polly said...

No, Joe Klein will not "have your back." And he won't contribute to your legal defense fund if you get caught.

Klein will only defend your murderous, bloodthirsty ways when D.C. conventional wisdom makes that opinion safe for Klein.

four legs good said...

Oh, should have put a "snark alert" tag on that 'have my back' comment.

I figure by tomorrow he'll be saying how he's not really for death squads and that we all took him out of context.

Anonymous said...

I figure not. These guys argue for this stuff as if there were no real world consequences to these policies. I used to think it was due to a lack of imagination. Now I believe it's simple sociopathy.