Saturday, January 20, 2007

More Maxx's Comet

Reuters/David Curtis

It's still cloudy and raining here, so I still haven't seen Maxx's comet. This photograph was taken over Dunedin in New Zealand.


ThePoliticalCat said...

Everybody gets to see the baybee but mee. Damn, I miss the boy. I'm'a root through the archives, even if Bandicoot hates me for it. Love and Bandicootie hugs, Centaur.

GWPDA said...

I have an idea that Maxx belonged to all of us in a very curious way - he was entirely ours and still enitrely virtual - to all of us except 4Legs. Having him gone is just another kind of virtual existence. I can know he's on the comet, as easily as I knew he was on the sofa or in the closet.... My 4Legs, it's not so easy for you.

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Such a plushy-tailed comet. Love that Maxx.

ThePoliticalCat said...

Dr. Barmpot, you're so right. Because Maxx was a virtual love, he is never really gone, for me. Poor 4Legs has to live with the reality of Maxx' absence. I'd send Gojira through the wormhole to console you, 4Legs, but the little wretch doesn't much like dogs, which means Arthur J. can't help her visit.

Polly said...

Hanging out in the New Zealand sky is what I'd do, if I ever merited a comet ride in the after life.

Glad Maxx has the chance, but then, he earned it. I haven't … yet.

Anonymous said...

Even if the comet's head is only visible in the southern hemisphere at this point I have heard reports of people in the northern hemisphere observing the tail of the comet as it sticks out over the horizon.
It probably requires a really dark sky however. I'm going to try seeing it from the backyard with a nebular filter. I'm glad little Maxx got such a magnificent tribute to his passing.
Backyard Astronomer