Saturday, February 17, 2007

Banality goes bigtime

I suppose a when a paper regularly prints the nonsense that spews forth from the mind (I use the term loosely) of Bobo, I really should not be surprised at their choices for guest columnist... but really, Ann Althouse? Was Bozo the clown unavailable? An Awkward Plea (subscription required):
We need judges who are the kind of solid, common-sense lawyers who factor money into their decisions. These are the same people who take the kind of conventional law-firm jobs that pay a good salary and require the greatest sacrifice to leave.

Wrong on so many levels that I won't even attempt to dissect it. I'll leave that to Thersites, who has a far greater tolerance for her banality than I do.

Feh. Who in god's name makes these decisions at the NYTImes? For fuck's sake.

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