Saturday, February 17, 2007


AP/Yahya Ahmed

So I'm watching the senate debate this retarded non-binding resolution. Two things are clear- the republicans are desparate to keep congress from embarrassing the president and the democrats don't have the balls to do what we need them to do. Which is take Bush on directly.

It all amounts to a lot of fiddling while someone else's country burns. Just today back to back suicide blasts killed 9 in a Baghdad market. It's appalling. While we argue about process, they bleed and die.


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Sandy-LA 90034 said...

I see these articles and I feel all the things you say so eloquently.

I get frustrated because I can't articulate my rage and frustration.

Thank you for your ability to use words -- it helps vent my feelings when I see someone put words to them!

For me, coming to this blog has been a blessing -- first for Maxx and your gorgeous pictures that captured his spirit so beautifully, and now for Little Ms. Madeleine who lifts my spirits with her energy, as well as your sensitive and eloquent posts about the world around us.