Saturday, March 10, 2007

Austin Film Alert

For those of you in Austin, I recommend that you check out the premiere of the film Elvis & Anabelle at South by Southwest this evening.

I've seen the film in previews and it's terrific. 6:30 PM, the Paramount Theatre.


Anonymous said...

Cool, I will look for it when it hits the Houston arthouse circuit!
Since my boyfriend survived Pan's Labyrinth much better than I thought he would (he stayed awake, AND was able to discuss afterwards! A remarkable coup for my worn-out chef!), I think I will take him to see this. :)

four legs good said...

Elspeth, this isn't really an arthouse type flick- it's a love story.

Tell him there's a hot chick in it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I meant 'arthouse' in the way that meant there is actually a story. As opposed to some Hollywood dreck that has almost a story, but falls short and still manages to churn out sequels like someone w/Tourette's pops out expletives - both at inappropriate times! ;)
Have a great and hopefully lazy Sunday w/le petite Madeleine!