Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday Evening kitty

I've had a request for sleepy Maddie photos.

She's getting quite fluffy isn't she?


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhh!!! Sleeepeeeee kitteh!!! They are so beyond prosh when they are fighting the sleep monster! There's a vid on youtube w/a kidden doing just that and it just makes goo out of any feeling human! :)
Thanks FLG!!!
And, LOVE the Gene Simmons tongue! LOL!!! She is such a fluffball!!!

charley said...

We can ask, even demand, but you are the one w/your finger on the shutter release, do it in your own time - just know we LOVE them!!!

that's what she says, but she don't know angry junkies. Amelie is quite the kitten too.

top 'Sunday kitty' pic, priceless.

Anonymous said...

I can just hear the rumbling, though ladylike, "purrrrrrrr" from the top photo...
We LURRRRVES the Mad-ster! :)
(and thanks for the Amelie compliment!) :)

Sweet Sue said...

There ought to be a law setting limits on feline cuteness. She's too much.

Cygirl said...

TEH CUTE! It burns! :)

flory said...

She becomes one with Teh Plushitude™

Doesn't she interfere with your blogging, sleeping on your keyboard like that?

four legs good said...

Flory, she's sleeping on the iMac keyboard, which is turned off at the moment.

I've been bringing the laptip home with me everyday.

strawhat said...

Maddie's only about as cute as she could possibly be, you know. How much does she weigh now, 4lg?

Kiddenz always look so amazed. It's the most charming thing about them.

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Adorable pictures of Maddie-pie. She's such a sweetheart! That pink tongue is precious.

taboo & whaleshaman said...

how cool is this:

YOU get to live happily ever after with the sleepy beauty.

junkies though we may be, we are also your loyal slaves, only too happy to beg for more and more and still yet more...MADDIEKITTEH!!!!!!