Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Time to Clip Tweety

Tweety was on Tucker's show this afternoon, commenting on whether LIbby should be pardonned. Here's a paraphrase of what he said:
"So when is the appropriate time for Bush to do the right thing here? I mean this guy didn't rob a bank, didn't hold someone up, he basically was doing the right thing, protecting his boss."
In my humble opinion, a guy who doesn't understand that someone working for the executive branch is supposed to be serving the people of this country, then he has no business being on the air. Chris Matthews seems to think that, well okay, this was technically against the law, but who could blame him for trying to protect his boss?

Guess what? I can blame him. I'm a little sick of so-called "public servants" whose loyalty to party and dear leader come before their loyalty the the American people and the republic. And I'm more than sick of the talking heads who enable them.

Feh. A pox on all of them.

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