Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Celebratory Kitten

She's starting to look slightly less surprised. They become jaded so quickly.

The feeties, the tummy, the teddy bears, oh my.

We shall have Maddie palooza all day long to celebrate Fitzmas.


Tena said...

She looks like she's got your number, now, 4legs.


four legs good said...

Oh, she does.

But she's so good I don't mind.

Polly said...

Is there any way to get cat hair out from the bottom of a keyboard? And my cats aren't allowed to lie atop mine. But they get the hair in there somehow.

Vacuuming the top of the board doesn't clean the bottom.

"The feeties…" look like they're growing faster than the rest of Maddie.

HAPPY FITZMASS, Feline lovers.

four legs good said...

You need to get one of those air cleaner thingees.

It's basically canned air with a little nozzle.

flory said...

It'd be really kuhl if you could manage a dancing Maddie...celebrating fitzmas....

Anonymous said...

Maddie does her best "Fitz" face, seriously intelligent and capable...to celebrate St. Patrick's Fitzgerald day!!! :)
Tomorrow, she will be back to full on "Helloooooo!!!"-mode! ;)

four legs good said...

Sorry, I got no animation skillz.