Thursday, March 29, 2007


Okay, you have to click on the photo and check out the eyelashes. Is that not the funniest face evah?

Update: Oh dear, I forgot something, "Haaaalloooooooooooooooo!!"


Jeffraham Prestonian said...

Oh, it's JUST a cute CAT! Get over it!


four legs good said...


You're just jealous. You ain't got no girl kitties at home.

Anonymous said...

Good freakin' lord!!! FLG are you trying to kill us w/teh cute??? I need a defibrilator!!! :)
Her fichu/ruff is all smoothed down, were it not for those expressive eyes and this being Plush Life, I might not have known her! :)

I think that might be my new work 'puter wallpaper!!! Between your Maddie and NTodd's furry krewe - my cats are getting jeaaaallouusssss! :)
*skritch her under the chin for me?*

flory said...

Those eyes should be registered as lethal weapons.

They give her an unfair advantage.

four legs good said...

I'll say. I think she's using them to make me her slave.

It's working too.

Anonymous said...

A bit of self-portrait too - enlarge the picture and look into Maddie's left eye.


ThePoliticalCat said...

She is too impossibly pretty and cute! Stop it, girlie, or you'll have more slaves than you know what to do with.