Monday, March 26, 2007

Naughty Maddie

She's getting a little frisky these days. We just almost had a kitten induced laptop keyboard malfunction.

Luckily, all is well.


watertiger said...

Yeah, but those ear tufts...

Anonymous said...

Look it's the Queen of the Ancient Britons "Boa-dicea"! :)

four legs good said...

It was an accident. I yelled at her and now I feel bad about it.

ThePoliticalCat said...

She is SUCH a GIRL! Pink feathers? What next, lace?

Don't feel bad for yelling at her 4LG. Naughty kittens must learn to stay away from dangerous expensive machines! And she's at the age where the only way to get her attention is loudly.

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

As usual, Political Cat cracks me up with her comments!

She's still a baby and learning her life lessons is hard work for such a little lovie.

Polly said...

Maybe she just wants a laptop of her own.

Maddie may be looking forward to learning to write, now that she's learning to read by looking over your shoulder. It does help her that you mutter aloud as you read.

It's ok to yell at kittens, and cats. They quickly learn that we're all shout and no slap.

Tux said...


She's hot!

four legs good said...


She's hot!


You scamp.

Anonymous said...

I knew some folks that had a cat from the husband's bachelor days...well, they went out for dinner one night and came home to find their desktop p.c. (old school, no flat screen, no laptop) crashed to the floor and a very pleased with himself cat looking on. Apparently, he didn't like that they spent so much time away from him - so he oogied it over to the edge and *crash*!!! LOL - the best part is, they bought a new computer but paid for it by taking it out of the cat's ALLOWANCE!!!
hee hee!!!

Better to scare her off from messing w/the technology she isn't checked out on, so that replacement is not a day to day issue! :)