Wednesday, March 28, 2007

WW I kitten

From the World War I Document Archive: GWPDA. It's kind of sad, kittens should never have to go to war.

Update: edited for spelling errors. Sigh.


flory said...

Hah! That's what she's gonna get a grant for.
The Impact of Baby Kiddens on Frontline Strategeries in WWI.

flory said...

Ermmm....Worth War I?

That city near Dallas had a war?

four legs good said...

Oy, thanks, fixed.

Been writing too much today.

Victoria said...

kittens should never have to go to war.

Nor should boys.

Peace, V.

four legs good said...

Well, no, but at least boys can use a rifle.

Polly said...

Another pic from the category "WTF?"

How did a kitten get on a battlefield? Or was that an artillery test range in England, safer for humans and cats?

Why would an artillery shell have a big nipple on the front?
What would you feed your kitten in the trenches of WWI?

Polly said...

GWPDA's site is extraordinarily well designed.

I found this kitten pic, and the others, easily. Considering the ton of info available there, that is an achievement in good layout.

taboo said...

that's the famous fascist-fighting torpedo kitty and noble ancestor to ninja kitteh!