Friday, September 07, 2007

Extra Ripley

Just because. She likes showing off her whiskers. And playing with some feathers.


Sarah said...

Oh, those fabulous whiskers!!!!! (and, of course, teh pawz)

Culture of Tr√úth said...


Silkey Cat Ross said...

Awww, Ms. Ripley,

A graceful white paw
grasping a feathered stik,
griping life delicately.

Sprightly whiskers,
Arching to meet her feathers,
Perfection of kittenness.

Silkey, weekend lover

Anonymous said...

Teh Paw of DOOOOOM! :)

Anonymous said...

Before I scolled down to get all of her in the frame I thought it was an art shot of an old black tree trunk with some prairie grass blowing in the wind in the foreground.
Ripley is her own great sculpture.


Silver Ross said...

Mlle. Madeleine, are you here?
I tried your clever blackmail trick … demanding cheezbrgrs or else I'd shed into the printer.

All I got was threats that my SuperPlushy™ white tail would be shaved if I didn't behave!

Guess you can get away with it cause you're so charming.

Silver, poor unloved kitteh