Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tueday kittenzzzz

I has a stick. Wit feathers.

U gimme cheezburger, I giv U bak printer. Kai? thx bai.


nancy said...

Hey didn't you just get that printer - I think you should give Maddie 2 cheeseburgers for it.
By the way - those are great pictures of your beautiful and fluffy girls.

zoe said...

wow!!! how is it possible that they just keep getting purdier and purdier????

Silver Ross said...

Madeleine, lovely Princess,
Does blackmail work? What an exciting concept, you clever gurl!

Our human has a printer. If I take to lounging atop her printer maybe, I can get cheezburgers for Silkey and me.

four legs good said...

Maddie needs a bath.


Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Who gets to give Maddie the bath - 4Legs - or do you have to take her for grooming?

four legs good said...

No one has ever given Maddie a bath.

Silkey Cat Ross said...

Oh Ms. Ripley, dear Ms. Chainsaw,
What happened to ur right ear? Did that kitteh-eating sofa get it?

Oh I hope not. U looked so fine with ur yoda ears the other day.

Ask ur Centaur to make the sofa give your pretty ear back! Or else I'll come there and shred that sofa with my huge, sharp claws til it begs for mercy!1

Anything for U, darling gurl.

Silkey, fighting fan

Anonymous said...

Please report on the progress of washing Maddie. It should be very entertaining!

/Arthur J. GWPDA