Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Late day kittehs

This is deceptive, RIpley isn't nearly as big as Maddie.


I'z tired of climbing the rigging. I can stops nao?


Hecate said...

They are SO cute!

Culture of Truth said...


four legs good said...


Anonymous said...

The girls are beautiful, fourlegs!


Anonymous said...

Ripley iz one plump kitteh.

Too much grog?


Anonymous said...

Aarrrrgggh, Maddie! That tail is too much for one miserable swabbie. Yer cap'n will be takin' it from ya now.


A fight to the death for the plushy tail, ya say? Yer drinkin' bilge-water fer sure, matey!


four legs good said...

Ripley iz one plump kitteh.

That's FUR!!!

She is becoming teh plushy.

Silkey Cat Ross said...

Oh Ms. Ripley, darling gurl!

I am sorry I doubted you, I was afraid you'd lost your innocent little heart to a big, ugly, wet tiger Cat!

But "Watertiger" is a human! Lovely human, but no competition for a fine furry feline! Especially a sleek, orange/white feline like me (my human says orange cats are the bestest. For boy cats, that is.)

You offering huggles and bathies to a human is a kindness. The poor things are so appreciative of those little attentions from us fur-blessed creatures.

Sweet Ripley Chainsaw, you are the most generous and loving of little kittehs. I beg pardon that I had a silly jealous fit.

Silkey, ecstatic fan

four legs good said...

Silkey, not only is watertiger a human, she's a GIRL.

You silly boy you.

Anonymous said...

This has probably been said before but...
Do you have cats with tails attached or do you have tails with cats attached?

Backyard Astronomer

four legs good said...

sometimes it's hard to tell

ThePoliticalCat said...

My heavens, what enormous tails! You're a better man than I am, 4LG. It must take lotsa vacuuming to keep the house hairfree!