Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday kittehs

U doan like dis couch no moar do U??

I iz rdy 4 mah closeup.


Polly said...

It's the Tail O'Doom that makes Maddie claw your furniture.
The Tail is a bad influence on her

It is the "Tail that wags the Cat!"

Silkey Cat Ross said...

Sweetest Ms. Ripley,
Last night's pic of you stretched out with your sis is lovely. You look sooo big and grown up. And your pretty tail is fluffing up nicely.

Something you should know, since this is your first winter coming on. Even Texas has winter, no?

Your beautiful fur will grow even thicker than it is now! Thick and plushy! It's called a "winter coat" by our kittenslaves, and they much admire us for our dense coats.

In case we go out to play in the snow, or hunt winter mousies, our winter coats will keep us toasty warm. Do winter mousies turn white where you live?

Silkey, adoring fan

Silkey Cat Ross said...

Four Legs Good, Sir or Mam,
Sometimes I am a silly boy, my brother and my human both say that.

But I wasn't being jealous of Watertiger because of her gender. I was totally green-eyed with jealousy because I thought Watertiger was a Cat! A cat bigger than me, and fancy striped and exotic and maybe more attractive!

Watertiger being human makes it alright. Boy or girl, humans are equally good at petting us, brushing, scritching and feeding … making laps to sit on.

I am a fair-minded fellow. I'll happily purr for a human who scratches behind my ears, regardless of gender.

Silkey, respectful of Centaurs