Sunday, September 16, 2007

Special kittehs for watertiger

U come close soze I can keees U and giv U big huggles..

Den I geev U many keeeses and nice bathies

'n I purrr 4 U, kai?


watertiger said...


Paw tufties!!!

Silkey Cat Ross said...

For a Tiger? Keeeses and Huggles and nice Bathies for a Damned Tiger?

Who has been a faithful lover, constantly complimenting you as you grow in beauty and grace? Singing your praises to the Internets.

Who has given you good advice and his whole furry little heart?

And you dump me for a wet tiger?

Silkey, brokenhearted

four legs good said...

Don't be silly- watertiger is a girl, that's a platonic relationship.

You will always have her heart.

Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Silkey, my lad, you have me in stitches every time I read your romantic praise of Ripley!

Don't worry, your heart still belongs to Ripley!

zoe said...

poor silkey
them is two beeyouteefull kittens