Saturday, November 17, 2007

Animal Love

Occasionally I'll hear someone say that animals can't love, that they're only interested in you if you feed them. Of course that's nonsense- anyone who's ever bonded with a kitteh or a dog knows that they're capable of deep devotion. So I loved running across this remarkable photo last night.

The photographer had captioned it, "A polar bear cub kisses his mother..." Teh sweet, eh? I see it here at home-the casual affection my kittenz show each other is adorable. (Not to mention the complete devotion they show to me.)

The bears were photographed on the shore of the Hudson Bay, where the bears congregate in the fall, waiting for the ice pack to solidify.

photo: Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press

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Polly said...

Awwwww …

the complete devotion (my kittenz) show to me.

I read this passage to my furries, hoping to inspire a little devotion.

They replied by offering to let me brush them more, provided I asked nicely. My guys think they are Lords of the Universe, I should never have let them near that video game.