Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lush kittehz

"I can haz margrita??"

Oh, noes! little Maxxine- U iz too little 4 alchohol. U can haz nice trout smoothie.

... and War On War Off proves that today's sunrise was lovely- not that this centaur is ever out and about that early.


Polly said...

Oh noez, look at that not-mini Tail O' Doom lurking behind Baby Maxxine!

Look at the length of the hanging fur, and the extension of the incipient Tailette O' Doom.

She needs Lots of trout smoothies to keep growing ahead of the Tailette!
Beautiful baby gurl WOWO has there.

War On War Off said...

Thanks, Polly! She's a real sweetheart.