Friday, November 16, 2007

Support the Writers Stike

The writers from The Daily Show tell you why:

Hat tip to my new favorite blog, Bad Astronomy Blog, but don't be fooled, the astronomy isn't actually bad.


Anonymous said...

Oh noes, blog spam!
However, the You Tube presentation was very well done. Made their case quite clear. Support the Writers!


four legs good said...

Blogspam all gone nao.

Polly said...

Thanx for this, what a treat to see something like TDS, and John Oliver, too.

Oliver has a Public Service Anouncement [kind of] on BBC America. He says [approximately] "If you people hadn't thrown our tea in your harbour, you'd be able to understand the language of the following program. If you can't, Closed Captioning is available at …."

I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms at 11 pm, Mon. thru Thursdays.