Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Late night gurlzzz kittehs

U wants we shud splain monetary polcee to U?


Sandy-LA 90034 said...

Yeah, Maddie, I'd look a little nonplussed, too, if someone asked me to explain monetary policy.

You just keep up with your physics studies - we're relying on you to blaze a path to the future.

Love your delicious little face, sweetie!

Anonymous said...

beautimous lil darling's.
chin nuggies...


Anonymous said...

Um, I am a bad human.

My cat Brego was stuck between the storm/screen door and the main door all night last night.

I thought that I'd checked that space before closing the door, but obviously not.

So there he was for 8 hours, and he didn't say anything until he heard me in the morning-normally he's as yowly as get out.

I'll give him the 'nip and extra stritches tonight.

Buckeye, Dealer of Rare Coins

Anonymous said...

Sleepy kittenz are too freakin' cute for words!

Silkey and Silver Ross said...

Please, please, pretty Texas kitteh ladies, don't fill our furry ears with "monetary policee."

That's the kind of thing evil humans use to screw up other humans. U all r too sweet and innocent to know this, but there R evil bad nasty humans.

They hurt other humans, and some of them even hurt cats, dogs and horses!

U beautiful gurlz r safe in the care of ur Centaur. Just don't pay mind to the wierd humans U see on the TV.

The Kenosha Kid said...

Top pic is really quite nice, even excluding the beauty of the kitteh.

four legs good said...

Why thanks KK!