Thursday, November 08, 2007


If you look closely, you can see the two little "horn" whiskers on the side of Ripley's nose. I've never seen whiskers like that.

Doan flashy-thing me, I'ze sleeping


Silkey Cat Ross said...

Hai, lovely Ms. Ripley, U have me beat.

I looked and looked, but I have no "horn whiskers."

All the other kinds of whiskers a gentleman cat should have, plus an orange mustache and soul patch, but no horns.

U are unique among Plushy Cats! But we already knew that, glamorous gurl!

Silkey, hornless fan

Anonymous said...

Believe me, I have definitely noticed her funny little horn whiskers before, have pointed them out to my husband, have looked at my own kitty (crazy resemblance to Ripley - right down to the smudge under the chin) to see if he has any. Alas, he does not. All the more reason to look at your plushy babies every day!

Caminante said...

Ruff, ruff, what a ruff that Miss Ripley has. Surely she doesn't bark.

four legs good said...

No, she chirps. Seriously.

Plum Pudding said...

Well, at least Ripleys has two of those!

Henriette just have one silly whisker on the side of her nose, and it's very staight. My tweezer wants to attack it all the time...

Silver Ross said...

Marvelous Mlle. Madeleine,

Perhaps you and I are more evolved felines, as neither of us has horn whiskers?

Examining your pix closely, I can't see any "horns".

Since you are the epitome of elegance in the feline world, these extra decorations of whiskerness must be a throwback.

Silver, discriminating fan