Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday is Caturday

Saturdaze R gud 4 napping.


Oh, hai. How iz UR weekend?



Caminante said...

You can really see Miss Ripley's 'horn' whiskers in the close-up.

Anonymous said...

My weekend is wet and dreary. Good weekend for napping.
Katz iz got teh right idea.....


Plum Pudding said...

scritch scritch scritch, come here little kittens, purr purr.

Polly said...

Ripley's regal attitude, (when she isn't being silly abt mousies and such) may come from the good example set by her big sister.

Though she had to have the genes for the huge ruff and long plushy fur. Four Legs had a good eye, to spot the future plushycat in a forlorn orphan in a cage.

I'll bet this is another case of a beautiful kitten princess stolen from her royal parents by an envious evil fairy. But the future Ms. Chainsaw was a feminist kitteh, tough enough to escape her captor with fierce bites, bloody scratches and loud howls of rage.

Alone in a strange city, the fierce but friendless gurl sat down in a dark alley to plan her path back to her parents' castle. And there, in that Austin alley, the lost princess caught her very first wild mouse. It was exhilarating!

After dining on her freshly killed treat (delicious even tho not served on Royal Doulton) the little darling needed a nap.

But danger lurks in the alleys of Austin! Even when well-hidden behind a trash bin, a sleeping kitten is vulnerable to a beady-eyed, sharp-fanged Rat. A hungry Rat!

The smell of hungry Rat broke the dreams of the tired kitten. Straight up she leaped, she landed running on all paws, running for her very life!

Out of the alley flew the lost princess, into the arms of a passing human sent by the great Goddess Bast. The human was only a messenger, sent to deliver the little kitteh to a safe place to await the Centaur chosen by Bast.

Along came the Centaur to bring the nameless little one to a new palace, complete with loving kittenslave, big sister princess and a name of her very own!

Ms. Ripley Chainsaw!

Polly said...

Happy Caturday pretty Kitty Ladies!

It rained here last nite … this wetstuff falling from the sky, we haven't seen that since we were kittens (maybe.)

We can go out to play in the puddles! Hurrah!!
Kai Thnx Bai

Silkey, slightly soggy fan